Recent presentations and podcasts on Russia’s media strategies

Podcast on Russia’s 2018 presidential elections, political opposition and protest, 30 November 2017.

LSE IGA organised a public panel on “Politics and Political Opposition in Russia,” with participation by Vladimir Kara-Murza, Professor Richard Sakwa, Professor Tomila Lankina and Vladimir Ashurkov, chaired by LSE IGA Visiting Fellow, Oksana Antonenko. It was followed by the screening of Vladimir Kara-Murza’s documentary film, “Nemtsov.”

Listen to podcast here.

Talk at the Frontline Club on Russia’s Role in the Global ‘Information War’, 12 October 2017

Voice of America interview on Russian media (in Russian).

Presentation on Russia’s media strategies at a PONARS Eurasia conference in Washington, DC on Rethinking Russian Media Strategy and Influence.

For a podcast of a previous PONARS Eurasia event in which T. Lankina and other Russia experts discuss media manipulation in the context of Russia’s elections and popular mobilization click here.


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