LSS model for protest framing analysis is available now

Our framing analysis tool is now publicly available in the LSS package. We performed analysis of Russian media’s framing of street protests using a system developed in Python, but subsequently transferred the ‘trained’ model into R to make it more accessible. We labelled it ‘dictionary’ earlier, but refer to it now as a fitted Latent Semantic Scaling model. Applying the model to news stories one can easily produce plots that are very similar to those in our papers. The values of the score are high when a news article contains framing of street protests as “freedom to protest” and when the score is low, protests are framed as “social disorder.”

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Russian Protest Media Framing Dictionary

The Russian protest framing dictionary was created to analyse how Russian state-controlled media cover street protests. The list of keywords in the dictionary and continuous scores attached to the words allow computer programs to locate Russian language news stories on a social disorder vs. freedom to protest scale.

The dictionary was constructed using a technique called Latent Semantic Scaling. It is based on a 27 million-word corpus of Russian newspaper articles and TV transcripts published in state-controlled media sources in 2011-2014 (NTV, Russia 1, Channel 1, Izvestia, Russian Gazette and Komsomolskaya Pravda). The dictionary is able to capture the framing of protest on a par with human coders. Nevertheless, caution needs to be exercised when applying this dictionary to analysis of news stories collected from different time periods or with different types of media content.

Use of the dictionary is very simple and is similar to other forms of dictionary-based content analysis. Document scores should be calculated ignoring words not found in the dictionary. In other words, the document scores are a sum of scores divided by the number of entry words in the documents, not by the total number of words in the documents. Please see the sample code for more detail.

Russian Protest Media Framing Data 2011-2013

Below we reproduce part of the large dataset on Russian state-controlled media coverage of protests that we constructed using our content analysis dictionary. This subset contains the results of content analysis as well as metadata of 2,519 news stories about protest in Russia between 2011 and 2013.

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