Past and Forthcoming Events

Conflict, Contestation, and Peacebuilding in Eurasia

ACADEMIC WORKSHOP, March 23-24, 2018 London, U.K.

Co-sponsored by LSE and King’s College London



Framing, Fabricating and Leveraging Protest: How Russian State Media Manipulate Public Discontent. Paper presentation by Dr Tomila Lankina, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 22 February 2016.


Five Myths of the Ukrainian Crisis, 7 December 2015. Presentation at LSE IRD by Dr Olga Onuch. Chaired by Dr Tomila Lankina.

Five Myths of the Ukrainian Crisis, 7-12-2015


How the Past Shapes Democracy in Russia’s Regions: The Effect of Pre-Communist Literacy and Communist Party Recruitment Patterns. Paper presentation by Dr Tomila Lankina at Columbia University, The Harriman Institute, New York, 23 November 2015.


Crisis in Ukraine: What does Ukraine Want and Need from the EU? Presenters: Ulrike Hauer, Serhiy Leshchenko, and Professor Andrew Wilson. Chaired by Dr Tomila Lankina. LSE European Institute, 22 June 2015.


House of Lords European Union Committee Report: The EU and Russia: Before and Beyond the Crisis in Ukraine. Written contribution to the Inquiry by Dr Tomila Lankina—foreign-affairs-defence-and-development-policy-sub-committee-c/inquiries/parliament-2010/eu-russia/?type=Written


The EU, Russia and Ukraine: Lessons Learned. Presenters: Dr Tomila Lankina, Professor Karen E. Smith, Professor Vladislav Zubok, Professor Gwendolyn Sasse. Chaired by Professor Michael Cox. LSE Ideas and IRD, 6 November 2014.


Russia, the Winter Olympics and the World. Presenters: Dr Samuel Greene, Dr Marie Mendras, Dr Tomila Lankina, and Professor Vladislav Zubok. LSE Ideas and IRD, 6 February 2014.




“Russian Citizens Owe it to Boris Nemtsov to Keep the Hope of Democracy in Russia Alive.” LSE EUROPP blog, 2 March 2015.

Russian citizens owe it to Boris Nemtsov to keep the hope of democracy in Russia alive


“What Putin Gets about Soft Power” (with Kinga Niemczyk). The Monkey Cage, The Washington Post, 15 April 2014.


Contribution to: “Russia’s Irredentism in Ukraine is Bound to Have Implications for the Political Stability and Territorial Integrity of the Russian Federation Itself.” LSE EUROPP blog, 17 March 2014.

Crimea referendum – our experts react


“Why Crimea Might be Worse off Under Russian Rule.” The Monkey Cage, The Washington Post, 9 March 2014.


“Globalization: Many Indias, Many Russias.” India at LSE blog, 5 August 2013.