Russian State Media

Lead Data Analyst: Kohei Watanabe
Lead Russian Media Consultant: Yulia Netesova

It is now widely accepted that Russia has skilfully leveraged state-controlled media to further its domestic and foreign policy objectives. To analyse the precise strategies that Russia has used to control and manipulate public information, our media experts have devised innovative electronic content analysis tools to investigate how Russian state media—including such leading state-controlled outlets as the Television channels Channel 1, NTV, Russia 1; and the newspapers Rossiyskaya gazeta, Komsomol’skaya pravda, and Izvestiya—frame important political and public policy issues and events. Of particular importance for understanding patterns of support for state leaders or, alternatively, of the willingness of citizens to vent their anger at the regime through protest, is exploring how state-controlled media manipulate information on public discontent. Our new methodological tools for electronic content analysis of the framing of protest in Russian-language state media allow us to analyse systematically these media manipulation trends over time.

Recent Publications and Working Papers